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Custom Portraits

Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift idea, or you want to treat yourself, let's work together to create the perfect pet portrait or people portrait! Since each order is custom, please contact me for pricing info. Once the design is 100% to your liking, I will send you the high resolution digital files in whatever size(s) you'd like. Here are some print options:


  • Print on your home printer: It looks best on thicker stock paper if you have any but not required.

  • Get it professionally printed: I usually recommend or London Drugs.

  • Print on products (mugs, phone cases, etc.): I’ve used sites like Walmart and Zazzle, but there are many more!

Commissions currently limited, please inquire for availability. Sign-up for my newsletter (form can be found at the bottom of this page) for the most up to date information regarding custom commissions, as well as other creative content.


Son and Dog Portrait.png
Classic Pet/People Portraits

The things we do for the people and pets we love. All I need from you is a frame-worthy photo!

Family Minimalist Portrait.jpeg
Minimalist Portraits

This trendy and affordable option is all the rage. Turn your favourite photo into a piece of art.

Custom Cake Illustration.jpg

Have something else in mind? Contact me and let's create some magic.





Michelle captured me brilliantly and the overall experience was fantas-SQUIRREL!!!


Juno and Earl

Leave a review? Oh! We thought you said let's eat a shoe...



Michelle is good at drawing but stingy on the treats.


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